Hamblin Bread – Meet The Maker

Oct 1, 2021

Although I am a commercial photographer from Sheffield, I get to shoot assignments all over the UK. I had the greatest of pleasure shooting a ‘Meet the Maker’ series with Kate and Hugo from Hamblin Bread, a neighbourhood bakery in East Oxford. Using stone ground British flour and locally grown wheat  they make a range of sour dough bread. It was an early start form me, arriving at the bakery around 4:30am to start shooting a typical day at the bakery. A sunny day and a skylight in the bakery was my ultimate dream. I could create  atmospheric images of products, location and process,  with my favorite chiaroscuro aesthetic.

A “Meet the Maker” shoot is a wonderful way to create content that speaks to your audience in addition to being a creative document of your practice.  As Seth Godin puts is; “Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, it’s about the stories you tell.”  My main focus on a shoot is to create a narrative, and produce authentic imagery for you and your audience.



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